Oliver (Oli) completed a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Physiology at the University of Auckland in 2012. During this time, particular areas of interest included both psychological and psychophysical aspects of neuroscience as well as endocrinology. Originally from Christchurch, Oli has been involved in optometry through his own optical needs from a very young age. Oli’s previous studies, combined with a passion for healthcare, and some wonderfully influential optometrists, guided Oli to pursue a career in optometry.

Oli completed the Bachelor of Optometry degree at the University of Auckland, graduating with First class honours. Throughout this time Oli was awarded numerous awards for clinical, academic and research aspects of optometry. Oli received the New Zealand Association of Optometrists annual ‘Top student’ award, based on overall results, twice during the optometry programme. In addition, Oli received many first in course awards, notably including ‘Contact Lens Practice.’ In 2016 Oli was awarded the Snowvision Charitable Trust Scholarship for study at the State University of New York and the Senior Scholar Award in the Faculty of Medical and Health Science. The Senior Scholar Award is awarded to students with the highest overall grades in the Bachelor of Optometry degree programme.

In addition to clinical aspects, Oli is also heavily involved in research. Oli received a summer research scholarship from the School of Optometry and Vision Science in 2014. This research was for the University of Auckland Myopia Control Clinic, focusing on Contact lens methods for myopia control, a strong personal interest of Oli’s. The research focused mainly on Orthokeratology (Orthok) and Dual-Focus Soft Contact Lenses. Oli was a lead author in the subsequent research paper which was later published in the prestigious American Academy of Optometry, Optometry and Vision Science Journal in 2016.

Oli conducted further clinical research as part of his final year project, supervised by Grant Watters and Dr Phillip Turnbull. The focus of this research was Orthok and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Oli is still heavily involved in this research, now supervising another group of students alongside Grant Watters. Oli has previous teaching experience, including the role of teaching assistant to fellow students during his time at University.

Mortimer Hirst was the perfect place for Oli to begin his career in Optometry. In addition to working alongside industry leaders in numerous areas, Oli will be able to pursue the specialty areas which he has developed such a strong interest in already, including Orthok, myopia control, and complex contact lens fitting.

Oli is a current member of NZAO.


  • 2012 - Bachelor of Science specialising in physiology at the University of Auckland.
  • 2013-2015 Multiple first in class awards in the BOptom programme.
  • 2015 First in course in contact lens practice.
  • 2015 Summer research scholarship: Contact lens methods for clinical myopia control.
  • 2015 Summer research: 3rd place award.
  • 2016 First publication of contact lens methods for myopia control – specializing in both Orthok and dual focus soft contact lenses in the prestigious Optometry and vision Science Journal (OVS).
  • 2016 Final year research project supervised by Grant Watters investigating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and dry eye in Orthok lens wearers. - Continuing this research as a supervisor in 2017.
  • 2016 Teaching assistant at the University of Auckland.
  • 2016 Bachelor of Optometry with first class honors.
  • 2016 Awarded the Snowvision scholarship for study at SUNY (2017).
  • 2016 Senior Scholar Award in the Faculty of Medical and Health Science.

A Selection of some of my Recent Publications:

  • Contact Lens Methods for Clinical Myopia Control.
    Turnbull, Philip Raey Kidd; Munro, Oliver James; Phillips, John Robert
  • Optometry & Vision Science: September 2016, Volume 93, Issue 9, Pages 1120 - 1126 (link)

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